Face it: today’s fragmented workforce isn’t going anywhere.
With EverHive, you’ll find a winning way to manage it.

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EverHive empowers its clients to gain a competitive edge through strategic, efficient, and effective contingent workforce solutions management. No more unresponsive Managed Service Providers (MSPs). No more disjointed systems. EverHive builds a custom workforce management system that will grow with your company—on your terms. And we work with every industry across the business sphere, from tech and financial services to entertainment, technology, financial services, consumer goods, aerospace, and video games.

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Our Specialty Services

When it comes to talent management, times are changing. Nearly 50 percent of workers today are contingent employees and that number is only increasing. That means nearly half of your talent pool needs to be managed in a new and different way.

Creating an effective contingent workforce program can be frustrating and overwhelming. EverHive will assess your current program and create a roadmap to a simple, optimized, and affordable contingent workforce program, all while providing confidence and peace of mind throughout the process.


For companies considering an internal or self-managed contingent workforce solution, a hybrid MSP solution may be right for you.


Our Internally Managed Program (IMP) solution is unparalleled because it ensures that your power to attract the best and brightest workers stays where it belongs … with your company.


EverHive provides employers with the platform and expertise to engage their contingent workforce in an efficient and compliant manner.


We offer a team of elite professionals and executives with specialties in all areas of the contingent workforce program cycle, including internationally. 

Architects of Success

Did you know nearly half of all workers today are contingent and temporary employees? Developing a smarter program to manage them is critical in today’s business landscape.

At EverHive, we don’t just offer proven talent acquisition (TA) and procurement solutions. We build and customize the right contingent workforce management tools for every company, culture, and bottom line. We eliminate inefficient outsourcing processes and empower you to manage your talent acquisition internally when the time is right.

Work Smarter—Not Harder

EverHive is a global firm with representation in India, Singapore, Australia, and other regions in EMEA and APAC. With a strategic focus on contingent workforce management and compliance, we enable companies worldwide to enjoy more efficient processes and stronger outcomes.

Gain Global Workforce Analytics

Because of our global visibility, we produce powerful analytics regarding worker pay, location, job duration, and agency partners that allow your company to remain competitive in today’s market.


Enjoy Cost Savings—and Revenue

Create significant cost savings while generating revenue for your program.


Create Stronger, More Loyal Relationships

Improve supplier communication and create more
loyal and strategic supplier partnerships.


Build a Valuable Bank of Insights

Gather smart analytics regarding your entire
non-employee spending habits, worker data,
and supplier performance.

How our Process Works:


We partner with you to outline and prioritize objectives, mobilize your program team, and begin designing your end-to-end process map. This includes supplier optimization and strategy as well as VMS design.



Efficiency is key in today’s global economy. EverHive takes the stress out of the transition by coordinating consolidated invoicing, implementing change management and communication protocols, and establishing supplier KPIs and baseline analytics. We also partner with the supplier and technology teams to ensure long-term adoption and success.



As your program is stabilized, we take a deep dive into Total Talent Management initiatives, establishing advanced analytics, and creating robust workforce strategies. We work with your VMS technology program to evolve the tool and begin integrating talent supply platforms into your overall talent acquisition (TA) strategy.



Together, we determine your readiness for a self-
managed model and define an Internally Managed
Program (IMP) maturity roadmap when you are
ready to undertake one. We don’t leave your side
until you’re ready.



Go-Time: We begin transitioning core processes
and full system handover to your company. You will
have no restrictions in transferring our onsite
resources or insights to your team.

  • “Going into the cycle of selling our business, Brandon and EverHive successfully and professionally built and packaged our programs into a scalable and repeatable roadmap.

    With this roadmap we were able to build trust right out of the gate allowing the focus to be on our customers and products.”

    David W. Turner Jr., CEO
    Parallel6, a PRA Health Sciences Company

  • “Brandon is without a doubt one of the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in Talent Acquisition. What separates Brandon as a leader is his ability to understand the team and how to get them to succeed.

    I would welcome the opportunity to work with Brandon again in the future.”

    Tejas Maniar, Head of Leadership Effectiveness