Case Studies

Is Your Company Ready For A Rapidly Changing Workforce?

Your people initiatives are some of the most critical decisions your organization can make. Virtually all companies face the most dynamic workforce and technology shifts the world has seen in since the dawn of the Industrial Age.

When you partner with EverHive, you’re committing to more streamlined processes, better visibility into your program, stronger compliance, and stronger relationships with vendors, employees and executive teams. All that results in better hires, cost savings, and an opportunity to generate revenue for your department.

Case Studies

Below are case studies that show why an Internally Managed Program (IMP) is the obvious choice for optimizing contingent worker programs.

Case Study #1: Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines Sees Greater Hiring Efficiency and Reduced Costs by Not Outsourcing Their Brand

Read The Southwest Airlines Case Study

Case Study #2: Qualcomm

Qualcomm Reduces Fees and Develops Employee and Supplier Relationships with IMP

Read The Qualcomm Case Study

Wireless Communication


Company Achieves Significant Savings and Improves Communications Throughout Entire Lifecycle.

Read The Wireless Telecommunications Case Study