Payrolling Solutions

Whether you directly source your candidates or are looking for IC compliance, EverHive is the source to turn to. Face it: no company can afford financial and legislative liability. With changing government legislation and increased enforcement of employment and tax laws, it is imperative for organizations to manage this part of their workforce effectively.

EverHive provides a unique ‘transparent’ employer payrolling model allowing our clients to gain additional savings and increased compliance that most other vendors cannot provide. The solution includes real-time cost reduction and monitoring of key statutory employer costs.


Our industry-leading compliance and contract workforce management solution can be tailored to meet your organizational needs and program goals.

TRANSPARENT PAYROLLING for Directly Sourced Contingent Workers

There is no doubt about it: companies today need help managing stringent compliance laws surrounding contingent workers. Finding a single source provider who knows their culture and the unique challenges of onboarding contingent workers is critical.

It’s no longer enough to flow your paperwork through a third-party vendor to protect your organization from liabilities. Under government worker classification regulations today, auditors look beyond the contractual structure to study the day-to-day working relationship in applying the laws. As such, it is imperative that organizations properly classify their workers from the start of their assignment and monitor those relationships on an ongoing basis.

Our payrolling solutions offer clients the expertise they need to classify and administer their contract workers. As an Employer of Record, the process consolidates and streamlines workers under a single point of contract and standardizes worker classification, on-boarding, and invoicing.

Working with EverHive, you gain your own team of experts focused on the compliance and administration of your contract workers. We go above and beyond your traditional payroll or staffing vendor model to ensure that your contract and temporary workforce is always compliant with complex employment and tax laws.


Clients receive:

IC Compliance and Payrolling
Solutions They Can Trust
Seamless Program Integration
Vendor Neutral Solutions
ZERO conflicts of interest in classifying and
payrolling your contract workers
DEDICATED resources with HR expertise
Flexibility to directly source your
own contract workers.

EverHive was founded by executives from talent acquisition and business operations with a simple goal in mind – to put the power back where it belongs – with your company.