For companies considering an internal or self-managed contingent workforce solution, a hybrid MSP solution may be right for you. As our flagship offering, the hybrid MSP model allows you the flexibility of having EverHive architect your program while serving as your strategic MSP.

EverHive designs and builds your contingent workforce program to be an integrated and complementary part of your overall talent strategy, seamlessly collaborating with your TA teams to find and attract top talent.

We start with an assessment of your program to accurately identify any gaps within your supply chain. This allows us to work in concert with you in building out the long-term roadmap.

From here, we start the heavy lifting:

Designing global processes and roadmap for your contingent worker program
Working on supplier optimization and strategy
Partnering in identifying the best VMS technology
Establishing best in class metrics,
analytics, and reporting
Coaching your teams on adoption
and harmonization

When you are ready to self-manage, we’ll pass you the keys—including onsite resources, without restrictions—so that your program continues to operate without a glitch.

Other benefits of working with EverHive:

Extensive executive relationships
with top staffing firms
One of the industry’s lowest
third-party payroll rates
An auditable approach to risk mitigation
A global advisory network


We help you focus on long-term success and program maturity. As part of our roadmap, we partner with you to ensure you’re offering competitive worker rates and vendor markups internally aligned with your compensation team.


Although we are technically your outsourced provider, EverHive offers full transparency into all aspects of our MSP operations, from the basics to the most advanced. Examples include:
  • Contractual arrangements
  • VMS configuration
  • Processes, cost structures, and rate management techniques
We empower our clients to internalize EverHive’s expertise in program transformation and implementation in areas like change management, talent, technology leadership, risk mitigation, and performance management. This enables you to bring your contingent workforce inside as soon as you’re ready.


With our direction, EverHive guarantees that your contingent workforce program will be able to sustain itself without MSP within three years. Our guarantee expresses our mission: to keep the power over contingent workforce management where it belongs – inside your company.