EverHive Labs

EverHive Labs provides cutting edge technology and service solutions to EverHive clients,
helping them gain a competitive edge through their workforce.

Solutions Include:


Transparent Employment Solutions
Employer Solutions Ecosystem
Social Communication Tools
Recruiter Network
Workforce Community

EverHive Labs Overview

EverHive Labs is an incubator for up-and-coming workforce management solutions designed to address the biggest industry problems in today’s Gig Economy.

EverHive Labs is run by human capital industry experts who have created workforce solutions companies from the idea stage to millions to billions in top line revenue. Current solutions incubated by EverHive Labs include an innovative employer solutions ecosystem, an industry leading workforce collaboration tool built on the most popular social network platform, the industry’s first blockchain talent management solution and a nationwide network of advocates and support agents. Innovate your workforce, reduce workforce costs, raise compliance, connect your teams… be a part of the EverHive Labs movement. 

Solution Details

Transparent Employment Solutions

EverHive Labs provides a unique ‘transparent’ employer model allowing clients to gain additional savings and increased compliance that most other vendors cannot provide. The solution includes real-time cost reduction and monitoring of key statutory employer costs including:

  • Federal and State Unemployment Costs and Limits
  • Workers’ Compensation Classification
  • Workers’ Compensation State by State Costs
  • Workers’ Compensation Modification Rates
  • Workers’ Compensation Costs for Overtime
  • Scheduling and Talent Management for Overtime

Social Communication Tools for Contingent Workers

EverHive Lab’s Workplace by Facebook solution becomes the client “interaction layer” connecting their company’s internal resources, workforce, and vendors while connecting technologies through the world’s most popular user interface. Good internal social media helps companies to increase productivity, move faster and turn good ideas into results. Workplace by Facebook allows companies to communicate, collaborate and connect across desktop and mobile, using familiar features like groups, chat and video calls and real-time messaging translation.


“Blockchain” is a digital ledger that keeps track of transactions as they occur. It differs from cloud and legacy database technologies; instead of storing data on servers and owned by one company, the data is encrypted and stored in “blocks” across a network of computers. As more data is stored a chain of blocks is created, which is referred to as “blockchain.” There are many promising applications for blockchain including verifying resume and career info and screening candidates. EverHive Labs works with multiple blockchain partners to help companies create more trust and transparency in the contingent workforce management.

Employer Solutions Ecosystem

EverHive Labs has built a network of solutions providers including employer of records, agent of records, background screening providers, HR tech companies and more to provide clients with the ultimate customized solution for their workforce. EverHive Labs has built a matrix of contingent workforce payrolling solutions to provide the best rates to clients state-by-state or by work comp code.