IMP Advantage

For companies who are considering internally or self-managing, our Internal Managed Program design offers you a solution unparalleled to none.

EverHive specializes in complete contingent worker program optimization including:

Evaluation of your current program
Supplier and service provider identification and alignment
RFP design and evaluation
Change management
VMS selection & implementation
Program implementation and training

A Better Contingent Worker Process

Virtually every company today is facing the most dynamic workforce and technology shifts since the dawn of the Industrial Age. But not all companies will survive the change.

EverHive provides a future-proof contingent workforce program. This means: More streamlined processes; higher quality communications; quicker response to hiring surges; improved compliance; and stronger relationships with vendors, employees and executive teams will lead to higher recognized value. All of this results in better hires, cost savings, and revenue generation for your company. And with EverHive, it’s easier than ever before.

EverHive takes you through a seven-step proprietary process:

1. Evaluate your contingent
worker process
2. Identify and engage
3. Prioritize outcomes
4. Define requirements
5. Evaluate and collaborate
RFP process for suppliers
6. Develop your custom
program solution
7. Train your team

What an Internal Managed Program (IMP) can do for your business:

Save Time

Enjoy the ability to hire more people in less time.

Improve Costs

Create significant savings while generating revenue for your program.

Reduce Risk

Enhance compliance by instituting accountability and transparency through the program compliance life cycle.

Better Relationships

Improve supplier communication and create more loyal supplier partnerships.

With an IMP model, your company owns the contingent workforce program. No more slow or unresponsive MSPs. No more fragmented hiring strategies. EverHive goes beyond building the solution. We train your staff, identify the appropriate vendor management system (VMS) and partner with you on the RFP process for vendor selection and negotiation.