EverHive has been building customized contingent workforce programs for Fortune 1000 companies ranging from fully managed end-to-end contingent workforce programs and hybrid Managed Service Programs (MSPs) to support for Internally Managed Programs (IMP). These solutions are designed to fit clients’ workforces and cultures, and ultimately to drive savings. That’s why the company is constantly tracking potential strategic partnerships that enhance its offerings and ultimate value to its clients.

Fulcrum is a next-generation platform that aggregates and connects directly into the world’s best talent cloud marketplaces like Totptal, Catalant, The Mom Project, Paro, Maven and many more. The Fulcrum technology platform delivers access to the global, professional gig economy in an enterprise-compliant manner, within the existing contingent workforce program infrastructure that is already in place for the Fortune 1000, including most major Managed Service MSP and VMS solution providers.

EverHive and Fulcrum’s joint customers will now have access to technology that provide a single point of entry to an expanded global talent pool. EverHive serves as the client’s vendor-neutral hybrid Managed Service Provider (MSP). As part of the end-to-end solution, EverHive builds out strong talent attraction methodologies that give clients the opportunity to access all gig workers without the hassle of contacting multiple companies.

“This partnership is an example of our ongoing commitment to providing expertise and significant value to our clients,” says Brandon Moreno, president of EverHive. “We are excited to be one of the first companies partnering with Fulcrum. We believe having streamlined access to talent pools that give clients many options will ease the burden of this current talent crunch.” Moreno adds, “As the need for talent continues to grow at a staggering pace, having trusted partners in our eco-system is one way we can support Talent Acquisition and HR teams. The partnership between Fulcrum and EverHive allows us to offer clients unparalleled service offerings that best suit their needs.”

According to Sean Ring, Co-Founder of Fulcrum, Fulcrum exists to democratize access to talent for the largest companies in the world and meaningful work for the world’s people.

“EverHive is a forward thinking and progressive MSP and contingent workforce solutions provider who is not entrenched in the status quo as it pertains to legacy contingent workforce management, which makes for a very high potential, collaborative partnership,” Ring says.”We are building the infrastructure for the future of work as more and more highly skilled people are choosing a more flexible and meaningful career as a freelancer. Our partnership with EverHive will facilitate massive opportunities for our existing and prospective clients to drive their strategies into the future and exponentially expand their talent supply chain.”

About EverHive
EverHive and its team have armed some of the largest companies in the world with contingent workforce solutions and tools needed to successfully manage their contingent worker programs. As vanguards of the global workforce, EverHive is one of the few companies in the world guiding top-grossing corporations in maximizing their contingent worker programs. To learn more, visit everhive.com.

About Fulcrum
Fulcrum is a talent cloud software platform that empowers enterprises to unleash the power of the professional gig economy at scale. A competitive and comprehensive talent strategy is always looking forward – the gig economy is not the future of work, it is NOW!! Fulcrum brings numerous on demand freelance talent marketplaces into one portal, under one contract. Fulcrum integrates directly into VMS solutions, works collaboratively with MSP’s, and ensures enterprise level compliance with lightning fast delivery of world class talent on a global scale. To learn more, visit Fulcrum.

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