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A new-world workforce demands a smarter contingent worker solution.

The top challenge in managing non-employee labor for 71% of today’s business is agility. A hybrid MSP solution may be right for you.

Whether your organization is currently using an MSP, RPO, VMS, or a combination of solutions to manage your contingent workers, your spend is set to dramatically increase - along with the problems and headaches you may already be facing, such as...

  • Feeling locked into an off-the-shelf solution that does not fit your needs
  • Balancing increasing/unpredictable hiring costs, while your department faces  budget decreases
  • Handling compliance challenges as new regulations come into play
  • Challenges finding and keeping the most qualified workers
  • Increasing chaos and complication as  different departments (HR/staffing, legal, procurement) are involved
  • Bridging the growing divide between your managers and hires

At EverHive, we help you save time, increase revenue, reduce risk and - most importantly - improve productivity - by helping you create a personalized solution to manage your workforce more efficiently.

View Your Potential Revenue, Savings, and ROI With Our Calculators

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EverHive partners with you to provide the ultimate contingent worker program.

  • Providing a custom solution, that can be scaled as your company grows
  • Helping you attract and hire more qualified candidates by keeping the inter personal touch between the hiring manager and recruitee
  • Minimizing the chaos and complications by having one department handle the entire process
  • Automate your systems, saving you time and money
  • Provide IC compliance and payrolling solutions that mitigates risk, reduces cost, and serves as a single resource for all direct sourced contingent workers.

We will work closely with you to evaluate your current process, create a custom-fit solution for your organization, bring in the systems that you need, and establish an internally managed program (IMP).

Even if you currently have an MSP or are working with an RPO, we can help you bring the process in-house -  and turn your program into a profit-center for your business.

It's time to bring your contingent worker solutions inside - with EverHive.


When you transition to Internal Managed Program, or IMP, you’re committing to more streamlined processes, better visibility into your program, stronger compliance, and stronger relationships with vendors, employees, and executive teams. All that results in better hires, cost savings, and an opportunity to generate revenue for your department. View the 2 case studies below to see IMP in action.


Case Study #1: Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines sees greater hiring efficiency and reduced costs by not outsourcing their brand.

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Case Study #2: Qualcomm

Qualcomm reduces fees and develops employee and supplier relationships with IMP.

Read The Full Case Study